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I felt the fire at the fire encounter segment. – Jessie Yeo

Ring of fire is unique because all came out to participate and there is much joy. - Beng Seng

Very good, by faith acknowledge that holy fire burns up all that is not of God. – Patricia Chang


I heard His voice and received His Word during the “Listen to the Voice of God segment and He further affirmed during the prophetic segment; my heart burns hot and trembled. – Jessie Yeo

We were grouped into small groups and learnt to prophesy unto others. One of my group members said he saw the word 'Love'. Together with other visions that the rest of the members saw, the message was about God loves a pure heart. - Daniella


“I invited and prayed to the King of Glory – God’s presence to come to the sanctuary and all of a sudden, I felt the heat on my ears, body which I never encountered before” – Johnny and Helen Song




Never have I experienced dancing before the Lord and had the joy of the Lord who is my strength.  After a hard day's work, yet I don't feel tired as the Lord empowered me. Yvonne Ang

After the prolonged worship on the RGEM morning at Hall 1, the presence of the Lord is felt by both us. – Johnny and Helen Song


When Pastor prayed for me, he sensed I have many cares and needs to surrender to God and allow Him to work His ways. For His ways are not my ways, neither His thoughts my thoughts. That I should not be impatient and give up easily. Everything he said was spot on. Thanks so much for labouring hard to bring us closer to God. We look forward to the next meeting. – Agnes Tan.

At RGEM 07 during Ministry Time, I asked Pastor Elijah to pray for the healing of pain in my lower back. He asked me to sit on a chair and stretch out both legs, I was very shocked to see that my right leg was slightly shorter (around 1cm shorter) than my left leg. He asked my husband, Choon Leng, to place his hand on my back and pray or God's fire and healing to come.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, I realised that both my legs were the same length. I felt a very strong, sustained pull on the bone of my right leg. It felt slightly painful. It was as if God was applying traction to my right leg to lengthen it. I looked at both my feet and realised that both my legs were now the same length! – Pauline Sng


During RGEM 07, during the “Empowerment to Serve” segment, after the anointing with oil, I sense the Lord teaching me that I need to rest in him, and not use my flesh to dance. Serving is worship, not a job; I started communing with the Lord while dancing. - Benett




Testimony from Eugenia Sng

Dear Pastor Timothy

I want to thank God for the wonderful time spent with Him during the RGEM. The presence of God was so strong ; as we progressed to worship Him and stand in His glory.

1) I feel that the peace and joy that He puts in my heart is so fulfilling [don't know how to explain].

2) During Ps Timothy’s teaching, His Word touched my heart. It gave me the desire to find the treasure of His Word(His Transforming Words); abide in Him and to remain in His love.

3) During the Empowerment segment, Ps Timothy prayed for me and I felt the Lord’s empowering presence and anointing.

During the Bilingual Healing Service, when I pray and lay hand on the sick, I saw His strength and power at work. They were touched [fall under the power of the Spirit] and when they get up they are healed. This strengthens my faith.

4) During Fire Encounter, walking in the Holy Fire "tunnel" - I feel I am sanctified. I love it ! As I walk through I pray and asked Him to burn deep in me [to give me a clean & pure heart ] and also to burn all things that do not belong to him. In this incident I feel some changes : cutting down on some things that I used to do [like spending to much time in front of the TV]. And now, I spend my time reading.

5) Soaking in His presence - Hearing the voice of God segment. I learn how to hear Him. And I did hear Him. He has given me His assurance [Isaiah 41:10 ] which I hold on tightly till today. I feel there is a change in me [ a kind of confidence in the Lord]. I develop new thinking patterns and am more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. I am also learning to fully cast everything into His cares and trusting Him completely to take control of everything [as He said He will help me].

I am very grateful and thankful to the Lord for RGEM, God Almighty for all He has done for me and my daughter. He has been my strength and He is my Hope.

Glory and honor belongs to the Lord, God.


Dear Pastor Timothy Tee,
It was really an awesome encounter with the Lord at the 3rd RGEM on the 30th Sept to 01 October 2011. Most of us felt the presence of the Lord especially myself. I want to give glory to God for His wonderful and everlasting love that we cannot find anywhere else. As the bible states in Matt 6:33, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added upon you.


During praise and worship I felt the tremendous presence of the LORD while I was worshipping Him and when I covered myself with my purple shawl. In His Glory, I felt the heavy weight of the LORD upon me; my body was shaking so vigorously that I had to kneel down to acknowledge and respect HIS presence. While I was kneeling down in reverence, I felt the mighty Presence onto me. To show His love upon me further, HE gave me another boost while Ps Timothy was praying for us, the dancers. I fell down by the weight of the anointing power. Another dose of HIS tremendous love was upon me when Ps Timothy called for those whose heart are being touched by God to do evangelism. This time, I lay on the floor for quite some time and the love for the lost souls came upon me that I cried and cried (the travailing spirit came over me). I know that this is the call for mission work and intercession.

Beloved brothers and sisters, if you are hungry for the LORD, he will empower you and the weight of HIS Glory will fall upon you. So therefore, earnestly seek HIM and be prepared to serve HIM in areas that HE has called upon you. Forget about the world, focus on Jesus and HIS KINGDOM will come upon you.

See you at the coming RGEM on 1st Friday of each month and feel HIS presence.

The LORD blesses you, and made HIS Face Shine upon you and HIS Peace be upon you.

From Rebecca Goh 



Testimony from Sis Evelyn

Dear Pastor Timothy,
Thanks for organising this overnight worship.  For many of us, it’s the 1st time we forego our sleep to spend the time worshipping God instead!  
I thought it was good to have many dancers to usher in the presence & glory of God.  The dancers helped to bring in the celebratory mood too.


Testimony from Bro John and Mary Yip

Shalom Pastor Timothy, Thank you for your labour of love together with your team. We were tremendously blessed and had a breakthrough singing Psalm15. When we went home we still continued to sing the psalm. It's fantastically interesting. Praise the Lord, we are looking forward to the next one.



Testimony from Jessie Yeo
Dear Pastor Timothy
I am deeply encouraged by your love for Father God and your deep desire for His Glory ! I was also greatly touched to see the worship leader singing throughout the whole night without much rest, yet she was still glowing in the early morning with joy on her face.

Thank you and your team for organising this over night meeting , I am blessed. I went because I know the Lord wanted me to go and I went with a heart to learn and to meet with Father. I was planning to stay till 2-3 am but instead I stayed till 6 am in the morning as time just passed so fast . I felt the fire at the fire encounter segment , heard His voice and received His Word during the “Listen to the Voice of God segment and He further affirmed during the prophetic segment; my heart burns hot and trembled. 

Our Lord is delighted as we ministered to Him and may He reveal His Glory , even if it's a glimpse of His Glory, we will be satisfied. 
Father bless you and your team ,bless and establish the works of your hands to be fruitful ,bear much fruits , thirty folds, sixty folds and hundred folds
Jessie Yeo


Testimony from Philip Chew
Thank Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit for the Glory  presence in the meeting, I received the fire and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and like the Slogan reads, “Praise until we enter into Worship and Worship until we enter His Glory.”
Such a worship in the early morning, entering into the Holy Throne Room and experiencing  the fire that burnt  away the uncleanness of our soul!

As we enter into His presence, we refresh our self, focus on the Kingdom of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.
We can hear the voice of God, and we  draw near to our Father God and are close to Him. Let Him use us for His glory and we shall obey and be humble before Him.
This is my first time that i worship throughout the night and early morning.
Philip Chew

Testimony from Eugenia Sng

Indeed it was a joy to attend the 1st RGEM @ BBTC.  I had a blessed time with the Lord. Thank you and your team for such a wonderful program.


I would like to share: what the Lord said to me during the segment on "Listen to the voice of God". The Lord said to me "My precious, precious child I love you. I'm pleased with what you are doing; I'll help you and your daughter as promised and will strengthen what you are doing." this reminds me of Isaiah 41:10 my favourite verse.






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