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Pastor Timothy Tee and the team arrived at Simei Care Centre’s auditorium early to prepare the ground. 

Even as we were praying, people began to fill the hall – a sure evident of hungry hearts.

The place is saturated with the Holy presence of the Lord as we welcome the Holy Spirit and allow Him liberty in the place.

The Revival Healing Meeting began on time with Pastor’s opening prayer and worship began to fill the air.  The message that evening from the Lord for those who needed it was “The Forgiven must be Forgiving” delivered by Pastor Tee.

We thank God that even though it was a short notice the turn out was good.  Those hungry and thirsty hearts came forward when Pastor invited them to the front to receive a touch from the Lord. When they were being prayed for,  the working of the Lord was evident as some were slained by the power of the Holy Spirit.  There was holy laughter as people were set free by the power of the Spirit.


Ivy, who is the resident at the Simei Care Centre, received a touch from the Lord for personal revival. Her mother came with a desire to receive joy.  The Lord filled her with holy laughter when she came up to be prayed for by Pastor Tee. 

Alison’s aged mother needed a healing from the Lord, came forward to be prayed for.  She later testified that the tightness in her chest has been lifted.  All glory to the Lord Jesus!

Sister Monica came with red patches in her body was totally healed when she was prayed for and was slain under the power of God.  When she got up, the rashes were gone.  God is good!

Brother Ivan came with pain on his left shoulder which he had endured for the past two years felt relieved and believed that he has been set free.  Thank God for His mercy endures forever!

We believed that many have been set free from unforgiveness as they received the word from the Lord through Pastor.  We praise the Lord for His amazing grace and love!

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